What is the TREATMENT PHILOSOPHY of this practice; i.e., what does this practice offer?

      • The goal of treatment is to help you feel that you are on solid ground, to individualize your treatment to help you achieve that, and to treat you as a whole person.

      • When you contact this practice, via the patient portal or via phone, your communications are directly with Dr. John.

      • This practice offers psychodynamic psychotherapy (typically at least weekly), with the prescription of medications if appropriate.

      • In psychodynamic psychotherapy, you and I work together to understand how your mind works, attending to patterns in your feelings, thoughts, responses, and relationships, and making meaning out of these patterns.

      • As a physician (medical doctor) specialized in psychiatry, Dr. John draws on years of dedicated training for your treatment. Qualifying as a psychiatrist entails, after completion of a bachelor's degree, eight years of full-time medical education, including six years of supervised, direct patient care in a variety of treatment settings.

Does this practice provide MEDICATION MANAGEMENT services, or SPLIT TREATMENT (medication management in this practice, and psychotherapy with another professional)?

      • No, this practice is not currently accepting new patients for medication management-only, or for split treatment.

When is PAYMENT due?

      • Payment is due, by credit/debit card, at the time of appointment booking.

      • Refunds will be processed only for appointments cancelled at least 48 business hours in advance of the appointment. For example, if your appointment is on a Monday at 9am, the appointment must be cancelled by the previous Thursday at 9am in order to be eligible for a refund; if your appointment is on a Friday at 9am, it must be cancelled by the previous Wednesday at 9am, in order to be eligible for a refund, etc. This is a strict policy in order to help keep open time slots available for patients that otherwise would not be able to be seen due to a full schedule.

What are the practice's FEES?

      • To request fee information, please contact the practice directly, either via the "New Patient" link, or call the office number and specify that you are seeking information about practice fees. Fees are subject to change. You will be notified of any change prior to its effective date. Fees are based on the following parameters:

                  • Initial consultation visit (60 to 90 min)

                  • Followup session, brief (25 min) [typical medication-only visit]

                  • Followup session, routine (45 min) [typical psychotherapy visit +/- medication]

                  • Followup session, extended (60 min)

                  • Phone calls, for current patients, per 15 min (after the first 5 min)

                  • Document preparation per 15 min

Does this practice take INSURANCE?

      • No, this practice does not accept insurance.

      • This practice provides out-of-network, fee-for-service care and does not participate on any insurance panels. This means that this practice does not contract or negotiate with insurance companies, Medicaid, or other entities regarding claims.

      • At your request, we can provide a statement with the information your insurance plan requires (i.e., superbill) to help you seek reimbursement, if you have out-of-network benefits. It is advisable to contact your insurance company prior to scheduling your first visit to determine how much, if any, of the visit fee will be reimbursed. Regardless of the status of your claims, you are responsible for the payment of your care.

Does this practice take MEDICARE?

      • No, Dr. John is not a Medicare provider.

      • If you are a Medicare beneficiary (regardless of whether Medicare is your primary payer or your secondary payer), you would need to sign a private contract with Dr. John, agreeing that you are fully responsible for all payments to this practice, and that you agree to not submit claims for payment to Medicare (including supplemental Medigap).